Living in a student dorm 2

After the previous episode, let me tell you i was not in a hurry to meet my neighbors, maybe a bit curious, that’s all.

But then one day, i received in my mailbox the following note (here translated from german):

« Hello,

I would like to ask you to please not laugh after 10 p.m. because some of us have to get up at 6.00 in the morning and need sleep.

Thank you for your understanding 

Your neighbor.« 

Reading that, i was first astonished, then i started laughing. I knew my left door neighbor so it had to be the other one; Wait a minute, the one that…. Yes, this exact one!Image

I came back inside, thinking of a truly witty answer and came up with: 

« Hello back,

I see that you are well aware of the thinness of the walls. I will make an  effort to not be happy after 10, but since you know i’m home at that time (and a little before too) could you refrain your rabbit boyfriend from nailing you to the wall of communication between our 2 apartments because that’s right where my bed is. As for the screaming, i advise a pillow or a roll of tape. I myself own one that i’d be happy to lend you if asked. Also, I am well aware that you wake up early since you wake me up every day at 6.30 when you leave for work and slam the door shut. 

Sorry for bothering you with my happiness and thanks for your understanding

Your neighbor.« 

I had to send it in english because my german was not up to the challenge. She seemed to have gotten the point because she didn’t try again the note thing. :p 


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