Living in a student Dorm

A few years ago, i have lived in Germany for one year. I was offered a place in a student building for a low rent and took it. I was really happy of my first visit because it was a little studio with a big bathroom and tall windows. the only problem i could see was there was no curtains and i was on the first floor. Never mind, i called my parents and asked them to bring some with them when they’d come a few days later. In the meantime, i would have to change in the bathroom.


After a week of living there, as i was watching a show on my computer before going to sleep, i started hearing strange sounds. I checked the window i was looking at for possible advertisement, then closed it to check if any pop-up had opened, but the sound persisted. Then i had this strange reaction to check the TV also, although it was off (you never know) and then went cautiously towards the door and checked the whole apartment (believe it or not, on the moment it seemed more logical that it was coming from the flat rather than from outside. This is when something hit the wall of separation between my apartment and the neighbour’s flat and startled me that I realized why the bed that i had so cleverly moved against the wall the first day i arrived, was not there in the first place.

At the moment, i hadn’t met anyone yet, so i did the anything possible in such situation: took my coat and went walking around the block. After one turn, i decided to go back to my flat, now that i knew a bit more the area, but once in the corridor, i could still hear it! Holy Rabbits!

I went back out and sunk my sorrow in hot chocolate. This was my first encounter with my neighbours, needless to say i was hoping it would also be the last!

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