Super U creates a polemic with its christmas catalogue…

Jouets de Noël, catalogue super uSuper U, a french supermarket, has decided to end the sexism of toys by totally changing its catalogue. It features a little boy playing with a baby doll and girls playing with garages and little cars. Last year, the catalogue had already been in the spotlights when replacing its girl’s toys and boy’s toys pages by unisex pages focusing on one type of toys. They just want to show that at that age, children will play with anykind of toys they find around them.PHO109af2d8-455f-11e3-9eef-4c1eb5692281-805x453

On twitter, a facist group attacked the shop and asked its members to call the customer’s service to complain. This same group had opposed the law « le mariage pour tous ».

I am not particularly shocked by this catalogue, only shocked that people are shocked. When I  was little, i had my dolls but i also had little cars and would have had a garage if there was room in my house. I played with dinosaurs and monsters just as well as with my little tea service and fake make up; I disguised as a princess just as well as as a doctor or vampire. I preferred the princesses or witch costumes to the others because of the dresses, but it has nothing to do with any genre. I think i could have been convinced just as well by a fireman costume or cowboy or superhero: indeed, i remember some carnival when i came dressed as an indian or a nomadic man in the desert dressed in blue.

That’s my experience as a girl. I also remember the little boys i took care of as a babysitter: they had petshops given to them by their cousins and we had a lot of fun inventing stories starring these little toys, just as we had fun playing videogames or pokemon cards. In camp, little boys brought me tea and cookies baked on the fake kitchen just as well as the girls did.

So i reached this conclusion: maybe you would not spontaneously offer your little boy a doll for christmas or your little girl a garage, but if they ask for it why not get them what they want? And if it’s already in the house because it’s one of your old toys, would you prevent them from playing with it? I certainly wouldn’t!

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